NuGreen LED Desk Lamp Review

We love this lamp. The NuGreen LED desk lamp from Newer Technology has a sleek, solid design that features 50 LEDs that give off plenty of natural light. The light works well at a computer workstation, bedside or just to help light up a small bedroom.

NewerTech does a good job packaging the NuGreen LED desk lamp. It comes nicely folded and wrapped in soft touch packaging materials. No assembly is required. If NewerTech can figure out how to lose the wall-wart and build the power supply into the base of the unit that would make this lamp even better. The aluminum material and quality finish helps offset the cheapish wall wart.

The lamp also has some nice design touches. The on/off switch is a soft touch design at the base of the flexible neck. NewerTech includes a sticker on the base of the unit that calls out how to use the soft touch control. Perhaps some folks are still more comfortable with a traditional mechanical switch. We like the red glow when it’s in the off position as well. Very cool.

The NuGreen LED desk lamp is little pricey with a street price of about $60. However, we think this is money well spent. The lamp creates cleaner, brighter light than a standard bulb, is mercury free and is estimated to last 22x longer. Plus the LEDs don’t generate any heat, making this an ideal reading lamp for kids as well.

Visit Newer Technology for information on the NuGreen LED desk lamp.



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