Fitbit Flex Wireless Tracker Review

The Fitbit Flex is easy to use once you get it out of that atrocious packaging. We found it funny that the little plastic piece inside the package that the Flex band wraps around resembles a TIE Fighter. It's an unfortunate that taking the product out of the packaging results in a heaping mess of plastic, bands and useless manual with tiny print.

Once we sorted things out, charged the flex and snapped it on, things got much better, pretty much just set it and forget. Signing into the web portable and discovering the wireless USB dongle that allows the Flex to synch on its own if very simple.

After that, it's as simple as entering foods and activities and tracking progress while remembering to charge the Flex every few days. We ran, walk and hopped in the Jacuzzi with the flex. We opted to wear the band on the same wrist as our sport watch. Pretty much forgot we were wearing it.


We used the web version of the software and not the smart phone apps. We prefer to check out the data on a PC and it's much easier to input data as well. Seeing the performance data is motivating, especially the "how many glasses of water" data point. None of us drink enough water.

Fitbit is great because it quantifies your daily routine. Even if it's not perfect it's a benchmark to work against. It doesn't really matter if it tallies 5 miles versus 6 or reflects accurately the number of calories burned or consumed. What matters is seeing the numbers in a gross fashion. I'm moving and consuming less or I'm not moving and consuming too much. The data helps keep things heading in the right direction.

The Fitbit Flex feels like a product that should cost $49 or less. Not $99. We'd love to see more aggressive pricing. Maybe fitbit can squeeze some pennies out of that horrible packaging.

Visit fitbit to check out the lineup of wireless trackers.